Know your risk.

Using the the trusted methods and procedures established by USACE’s Risk Management Center, Huff-Ken brings the new world of risk based portfolio management to your corporate, state, or privately owned dams and levees. We provide risk assessments scaled to the level of effort you need with the experience you can’t find in private consulting. In a world of change, we are your foundation to ensure your investment is guided to the risk driver dictating the system.

Which level of risk assessment is right for you?

Facilitation (supplemental)

With over 140 hours of training in risk assessment facilitation and evaluation, we are your solution to conducting risk assessments in-house. We provide services to structure and see your assessment through to success. Ask what we can do to supplement your organization. Risk informed decision making is the future of engineering, and the future is now.

SLRA (most economical)

Screening Level Risk Assessments are perfect for evaluating multiple dams and levees in a portfolio or for risk informed design during dam and levee modification studies.

SQRA (moderate effort)

Semi-Quantitative Risk Assessments are ideal for dams and levees that need a little more work to reduce uncertainty. Providing a quantitative, order of magnitude, risk estimate will ensure you prioritize your investment to address the risk driving potential failure mode that provides the best risk reduction.

QRA (highest effort)

Generally combined with additional field studies, a fully Quantitative Risk Assessment will provide the guidance you need for future investments. Providing quantitative estimates for each risk driving potential failure mode, you can rest assured your future investment will bring the bring your project back to a tolerable level of risk.

Huff-Ken specializes in dam and levee risk assessments, but also provides a full suite of civil engineering services, including commercial and residential design. Licensed for engineering services in 7 states, no task is too big or small; such as hydraulic & hydrologic modeling and analysis, structural evaluation, site characterization, drilling and construction oversight, foundation evaluation and design, sea walls, as well as consequence valuation.